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ShelbyRADIO is for women of maternal light who seek assistance in their alignment of spiritual awakening as it pertains to the male & female relationships in their world in order to create the most optimal connection in Mind, Body and Spirit. 

In each episode, inspired wisdoms are shared that can be implemented immediately into the energy body.


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Aug 16, 2022

Have you noticed when you have been in a deep process with yourself, with your life, with your energies that all of a sudden it feels as if you are starting over & yet you are unsure what that looks like or how it is supposed to feel?

Yep, I understand because I go through this myself each time I am jumping timelines and moving up the scale of frequencies.

We just moved through the 8-8 portal a little over a week ago and it sure has created some confusion in this starting over process. 

In this episode I finally get to a place to begin answering the question of how to start over so I hope you enjoy the energies & use them to your benefit.

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