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ShelbyRADIO is for women who struggle to understand the process of spiritual ascension.

In each episode, I share mini-lessons about specific spiritual topics that can be implemented immediately.


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Shelby :)


Dec 6, 2021

Sometimes you have to know when to say goodbye so you can bring in a new hello.

ShelbyRADIO will return January 3, 2022.

Dec 3, 2021

If you are stomach sensitive then you want to listen 'lightly' to this episode; however make sure you listen at some point to get this information into your subconscious! Super important episode!

Shelby Raw on YouTube


Dec 2, 2021

Oh if we had only known about this process sooner we would have been such better emotional humans. Well, that's ok, I finally figured it out and let me tell you IT WORKS! Listen up and be ready to take action on THIS tip!

Shelby Raw on YouTube


Dec 1, 2021

Be prepared as this episode gets heated the more time that goes by and there is a good reason for it! Never ever ever give away your emotions! There is a huge reason why you need to keep them!

Shelby Raw on YouTube