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Shelby Carino, The Queen of Total Wellness, takes women on the journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. As a spiritual enthusiast, teacher and storyteller, Shelby provides a unique blend of personal anecdotes, wisdom, and spiritual training that resonate with women who are seeking inspiration and guidance on their own ascension journey.

Through her raw and relatable storytelling teaching process, Shelby shares her triumphs and mishaps along the way, giving her students a front-row seat to her own awakening process. her authenticity and vulnerability make the experience feel like a conversation with a trusted friend, creating a safe space for those ready to explore their own spiritual growth.

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to the journey, Shelby Carino offers a refreshing perspective on awakening and invites women to join her in exploring the limitless potential of the human spirit. Experience the magic of Shelby's energy as she shares her unique perspective on the world and the spiritual journey we are all on.


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Jan 17, 2024


I am back speaking about breaking generational curses that comes from my own personal story from the death of my dad which exposed more 'curses' in the generational line.

Generational curses are basically programs of energy that have been passed on through the generations that until someone in the generational line takes on the 'curse' to stop it then it keeps moving through each generation.

I came into the world with my specific family to be the one to stop the depth of some of the most panful generational curses that came from the lineage.

The death of my dad took me on a deeper journey to see what 'curses' I was actually clearing and how this led to me exposing the hidden family secrets which banished me from my own family.

I speak about having to go up against the one parent, my mom, in order to face some of the most vile betrayal from my own mother when it came to the death of my dad.

Join me now as I share a deeply intimate part of my story with you as I hope that you will gain some wisdoms that will help you along your journey.


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