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Shelby Carino, The Queen of Total Wellness, takes women on the journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. As a spiritual enthusiast, teacher and storyteller, Shelby provides a unique blend of personal anecdotes, wisdom, and spiritual training that resonate with women who are seeking inspiration and guidance on their own ascension journey.

Through her raw and relatable storytelling teaching process, Shelby shares her triumphs and mishaps along the way, giving her students a front-row seat to her own awakening process. her authenticity and vulnerability make the experience feel like a conversation with a trusted friend, creating a safe space for those ready to explore their own spiritual growth.

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to the journey, Shelby Carino offers a refreshing perspective on awakening and invites women to join her in exploring the limitless potential of the human spirit. Experience the magic of Shelby's energy as she shares her unique perspective on the world and the spiritual journey we are all on.


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Dec 20, 2022


Narcissism is real, it hurts & its explosive when you have no idea you are being taken down a road of lies, manipulation & emotional minds games only to further the narcissist who is running the game on you. I have yet to meet a person who is on their spiritual awakening path who has never brought in a narcissistic relationship. Why? Because narcissists are the best mirrors to show a person who is on their spiritual ascended path how to take control of their own identity, value & worth simply because their own identity, value & worth is being stripped slowly away by the narcissist. Sometimes each lightworker has to experience a narcissist in order to have permission within one's self to begin fighting for their own level of spiritual power. 

In this episode we are doing a deep dive into an awareness of narcissistic behavior & how to not only identify a narcissist but how to free yourself from the clutches of a narcissist once and for all while allowing the narcissist to never feed from your personal or spiritual power ever again. 

You Don't Want To Miss: 

1. Defining what a narcissist is & how they 'feed' 

2. The 2 different types of narcissists & how to identify them

3. My personal story of encounters with narcissists & how I overcame them

4. Deeper clarity of how a narcissist can accelerate your spiritual growth

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Welcome to The Relationship Reset

Thank you for tuning into Shelby Radio. I want you to know I have a new podcast called The Relationship Reset. And it's about embarking on a journey that seeks to heal our maternal wounds, so that we can resolve our generational trauma and embark on our spiritual ascension to a life where we carry a lighter load. You can find it on Apple, iTunes, Spotify, or any major podcast platform.